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Breeding Live-Bearing Fish

There is nothing more exciting for fish enthusiasts than the prospect of two parent fish birthing live fry. There are a number of ways to spawn live-bearing fish, and the method could depend on the species, the tank, and your ultimate goals.

To begin you must first select your parent fish. When you do, remember that your choice could determine the type of food or tank environment to place them in. For example, would you want to breed the two in a communal tank or isolate them for observation? Try to pick a species that will thrive in whatever environment you choose.

If choosing a great number of live-breeders, populate your aquarium with more females than males. Live-bearing males are aggressive and can stress the female fish. Keeping the number of males to a minimum can aid in relaxing the females enough to breed.

Female live-bearers are ready and able to conceive at around four months and deliver weeks after sperm deposit. Once conception occurs, consider placing the female in a separate tank inside a breeding net. The net will keep mommy fish confined so her newborns can swim away without being eaten.

Remove the mother fish after the fry are born, but keep the youth inside the tank for observation. Cull any deformed fish and transport the babies when they are big enough to join the communal tank.

By observing these rules, you should produce quality live-breeder offspring that further enhance your aquarium's natural environment and beauty.